The Characteristics of A Successful Young Entrepreneur


There are many opportunities out there in the business realm. As a matter of fact, the realm needs a lot of young talents to infuse new ideas and principles to the industry. If you are among them, you have lots of opportunities ahead of you. However, you have plenty of contenders. It is in this light that you have to be exceptional in every way to be a successful young entrepreneur. As for me, there are at least eight (8) traits that you must possess to have sure win in the battle in this realm. These are the following:


1. Independent

A good young entrepreneur must be independent in making decision. This is a trait where one can judge if you are technically and capable to be in the business. Otherwise, if you will not be able to make independent and good decision, you have a lot of things to learn first.


2. Persistent and determined

You must also be very persistent and determined to achieve what you are looking for. If you will set up your own organization, make sure that you will meet the targets that you have set. You must pass all the trials and the obstacles along your way. There will of course some challenges as you go along, but managing this effectively is the key in persistence and determination.


3. Have self-confidence

One of the best traits that a young entrepreneur must possess is the self-confidence. This is because no one will ever trust you when you are selling certain products or services if you don’t even trust yourself and your capabilities in the first place.


4. Creative

Innovation is always the edge of a good young entrepreneur. You must be able to conceptualize new gimmicks that will be caught by your patrons or clients. This is a way to get hold of your market so that they will stay patronizing your business.


5. Organized

There are many things that you need to do to be a successful entrepreneur. From sales monitoring to trend updating, you need to know them all. However, this is not your license to be messy. You must still be as organized as possible so that you will not be executing your thoughts like a shotgun.


6. Goal-oriented

Being a goal-oriented is an indication of focus. This is also very important to be a successful young entrepreneur because there are many disturbances along the way. If you will be carried away by these, there is no way for you to succeed.


7. Aggressive but responsible

You must be aggressive especially in setting target. Rf test socket However, this must only be aggressive enough so that you can take full responsibility in attaining it. You must never be a boastful and aggressive entrepreneur.


8. Hard working

In any profession, being hard working is always a requirement, especially to be a successful young entrepreneur. This is because even though if you have the technical knowledge but you will not work well, you are just putting your intelligence into halt.


What Do Young Entrepreneur Stories of Success Tell Us?

Recently, I have read a lot of articles and stories telling how they become a successful entrepreneur in their own way. Some of them are even just young entrepreneur. Well, that is quite impressive because you know that it is really hard to find success in this kind of economy, especially in the field of entrepreneurship.  Well, it is given that the industry is big, but the competition of entrepreneur is constantly very high. Hence, if one decided to enter this industry, he or she will face a great challenge to outstand the others.

Nevertheless, given the vast opportunities that you can find in this industry, it is worth taking the risk and giving it a shot. But the question still remains. How are you going to outshine the other ordinary people out there in the entrepreneurial world?  Well, the answer would be drawn from the success stories of several young entrepreneurs. What we are going to here is collate and summarize what they are saying and read between the lines.  They will, of course, not share all the details and secrets why they become really successful. Hence, we will interpret these and come up with our own way to craft our own success story.

According to what I have read, your characteristic, traits and attitude play a very vital role in crafting a successful entrepreneurial career. This is because in entrepreneurship, your asset is nothing but yourself, your talent and your mind. Hence, if you have the necessary traits to manage them effectively, there is no other way but for you to take the path of the triumphant young entrepreneurs. Some of the traits that you must have to do this are outlined in the following section.

On the one hand, you must take challenges, take risks and hold responsibility for your actions. This characteristic is not gained from birth. Instead, this is gained from experience. What this tells you is that you must not be afraid to take on the challenges and take some risks. If you want to be a safe player, then this world is not for you. This is because in everything we do, there is always a risk associated with our decision. The key aspect here is how you will manage this risk so that you will be able to minimize, if not remove, the impact to your business.

Having this characteristic can also be a testimonial of your competencies. For instance, taking on a risk entails you to make good and logical decisions. Making a good and logical decision is not as simple as that. This also requires you to consider all the things you have learned from your formal education as well as from your experience. Most often than not, your experience is more important in molding your competency rather than your formal education.

On the other hand, vision, goal, persistence and determination belong to another set of traits that you must acquire. This is because obstacles are always there to piss you off along the way. However, if you have certain level of persistence and determination to attain your goal and realize your vision, you will definitely overcome them eventually.


How To be the Young Entrepreneur of the Year?




The world of the entrepreneurs entails involvement to innovations, businesses and finances to generate earnings by using their technical know-how or knowledge to the subject matter. There are some practitioners who do not have an educational background for these but have been practicing the said concepts for significant number of years already. This only proves that it is not required to have the formal education in entrepreneurship to be a very successful one.

As for me, there are only some traits that you need to acquire or possess so that you can be the most successful young entrepreneur of the year. These traits have something to do with your commitment, creativity, confidence, responsibility as well as orientation.


1. You must be committed to do your tasks and meet your targets

If you want to be the most outstanding young entrepreneur of the year, one of the basic, essential and vital characteristics that you need to master is your commitment. You must be dedicated for the profession that you entered. Most especially if you are creating your own organization, setting up your goals is a very good thing. However, it is not the end of it all. The more important thing is for you to monitor that you are towards attained your goals.


2. You must be creative and use innovative tools to be in the frontline

The world is always changing. In almost all aspects of our lives, there is always an innovation or something new for every single day. This is because there are always updates and you need to be on-time with those updates. Of course, you do not want to be left behind. Hence, if you want to be in the frontline in the competition, you must wear these innovations.


3. You must be confident to make independent decision

Confidence is not just all about being able to make decisions while your chin is up. This also has something to do with your trust to yourself. The general rule is that other people will never be able to trust you, your products or services if you do not trust your decision and capabilities in the first place. Moreover, decisions you need to make must also be independent and must come from you and not from somebody else. This will also serve as your test of your knowledge and skills.


4. You must be aggressive to take risk but take responsibility from it

A good entrepreneur is willing and aggressive enough to take some acceptable risks. This does not mean that you must go to a battle unprepared without even a single shield o sword. Yes, you must take the risk but with your knowledge on how to handle it. This is because it entails you to have some knowledge on risk management and be responsible in mitigating it. In this way, you will be able to have greater profit from minimized risks. As you may have already known, higher risks come from higher possible profits. Hence, if you will be able to overcome these risks, a great success is waiting for you at the end of the tunnel.


Ways to Become A Successful Small Business Entrepreneur

In this kind of economy, even starting a small business is a very hard thing to do. This is because there are plenty of challenges that you need to face and overcome on a day to day basis of the operation of your business. These problems and obstacles are aside from the challenges of your usual business environment. However, there are some stories that point to some reasons why they become successful despite these challenges.

The most common secret is the trait of the young entrepreneur. Yes, your attitude as a young entrepreneur has a significant effect to the failure or success of your business. It is in this light that I have conducted a little research in order to collate these traits that an excellent small business entrepreneur must possess.


1. You must have a commitment

Most of the time, people are thinking that commitment is only a bond between you and a specific job. While this true, I must say that is only one side of the whole story. This is because commitment is not only limited to your actions for the job you are undertaking. This also entails your commitment to learn more new things in order to further develop yourself and for the betterment of your organization or business. You must not only be committed to do your job and the tasks you must accomplish, but you must also commit yourself to learn the new necessary and significant things around you that affect what you are doing.


2. You must be independent

Independence is manifested through decisions that you can make. If you want to be a successful business entrepreneur, you must be independent enough to make decisions and not rely to other people when making critical choices. Another reason why this is very important for you is because it can be the measurement of what you know and your whole capabilities and competencies. Moreover, this is because you will only be able to make good independent decisions if you have the technical know-how and experience in handling the situation. This can conclude your qualification for the profession you are undertaking.


3. You must have a vision

Having a vision is having the capability to see things beyond the façade. This is like logically foreseeing things that might significantly affect your business in the future. This does not require you to be a fortune teller. What this requires you to do is scientifically project things and consider them as factors that may have significant effects to you and to your business.

Having a vision is also like having an ambition and a goal. You must, of course, know your destination or where you are heading to. This then requires you to craft your tactical and strategic plans. Otherwise, if you do not have some targets and goals, we can conclude that you are just like playing.


4. You must be creative

Creativity is another vital trait that a successful entrepreneur must have. This is because this is what will depart you from the ordinary. You know the extreme situation of the competition in the market. You can choose to be just like the ordinary entrepreneur or you can choose to be creative and be in the frontline of setting the standards.

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